We are glad to be able to inform you that the Szupex Company has been granted the European Medal for Commercial Representation of producers and importers in the pharmaceutical line, by the Business Center Club. The European Medal is non-commercial, all-Polish undertaking aimed at bringing closer the idea of European Community to the environment of entrepreneurs. As a rule, only the products and services which meet the European requirements are awarded. The European Medal represents the recommendation for awarded products, given by the Committee for European Integration - the most important institution which deals with integration of Poland into the European Community (co-organizer and protector) – together with Business Center Club. Every half year since the autumn of 2000, the two equal editions of the European Medal are organized, separately for products and services. The nominated product (or service) must meet the standards required by the law, have relevant licenses, patents, etc. The dynamics of the company, gained prizes and certificates are of crucial importance. The Verifying Commission also takes into consideration if, and in what manner, the company takes advantages which result from the membership of European Community and whether it takes part in trainings and seminars on European economy or avails itself of consultations and legal analysis, market research, etc. Jan Szupina – Chairman of the Board Szupex SJ - Dystrybucja Farmaceutyczna The Szupex Enterprise is a family business of the Szupinas family from ┼╗ywiec. The main company of the Szupex Group is the Szupex-Farm SJ which has been acting on the Polish market for 17 years. The other member-companies of the Group are: Mitech - which specializes in production of building chemistry, Alter Medica – a producer of diet supplements and, at the same, a publisher of quarterly magazine “Medycyna i Zdrowie” (The Medicine and Health) which promotes a healthy lifestyle. The leading company – Szupex-Farm – specializes in selling to wholesale establishments, among the others, herbal medicines of OTC Group and diet supplements. The company supplies these medications and food products to most pharmaceutical wholesale establishments in Poland, including the all present at the GPW in Warsaw. It is also a representative of reputable national and foreign enterprises in this sector of pharmaceutical market in Poland, and in active manner promotes and launches new products on the market through the net of its own representatives, working to commission of various producers. Logistics which is organized to meet the needs, enables to perform the quick and effective execution of orders. After Poland has joined the European Community, the company started its expansion in the territories of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria, and helped the producers from those countries with entering the Polish market in the pharmaceutical line. The Szupex-Farm, on the regular basis, takes part in national and international pharmaceutical-herbal fairs and health promotion. Taking advantages of the status of family business, since the very beginning it creates the atmosphere of stable employment and development for its employees. Almost 60% of its employees have been working for the company for over 10 years. The experience and qualifications of the staff and the stability of employment are the basic features which make possible achieving higher and higher position in the tough pharmaceutical market in Poland and Europe. European Medal. Commercial representation of producers and importers in the pharmaceutical line.