About us

P.U.H. Szupex the Pharmaceutical Distribution is a family non-commercial partnership business of Peter & John Szupina. The seat of the company is in the town of ┼╗ywiec in Silesian Province.

We have been on the go actively on the Polish medical and pharmaceutical market since 1990. In the beginning years we used to market herbal and herbal derived goods but now health assisting preparations which are conventionally known as semi-pharmaceutics and other medical means are our market.

In 1993, as one of the first companies acting on the herbal market in Poland, we obtained the legal status of pharmaceutical wholesale warehouse (the concession of Ministry of Health and Habitat Preservation - nr FAH/632/93 of 1-st July, 1993.). In spite of gaining the concession for wholesale trade of all medicines and medical means, we are constantly planning and widening the area of our activity with medical means and preparations of salubrious means.

Currently, on the medical and pharmaceutics market in Poland, we represent several domestic and foreign producers and for the several we are an exclusive representative. Our company acts mainly on the pre-wholesale market, which means that we supply goods to the pharmaceutics companies and wholesale warehouses on the whole territory of Poland.

For years we have had the established opinion that we supply goods not only quickly and regularly but also at the lowest prices - at so called "producer's price". Furthermore, for our permanent receivers, we apply excessively advantageous forms of cooperation (promoted sale, long time of payment). On the medical and pharmaceutics market we are perceived as a stable partner, who is worth to cooperate with.

Our strong side is the fact, that our offer is full and complete, which means that we supply to our receivers all recognized health supporting products. It is very significant that many well known world-wide producers, who know about our stable position on the Polish market, decide to cooperate with our company. This refers not only to the European companies but also to the companies from Australia, New Zealand and East Asia.

We have well grounded position on the Polish medical and pharmaceutical market and for many producers it is clear that with the Szupex Company they will gain the trading success in Poland at the earliest. So far, all the trials of entering the domestic medical and pharmaceutical market with medical preparations with the participation of our company have resulted in commercial success for producers.

The specificity of the Polish market makes that such a firm like "Szupex" is able to supply goods at the earliest to all important trading receivers. In the end, it is the individual customer who decides about the level of sale and the depth of the market and he must be a target of a commercial campaign. Also in this field we have a pretty big experience and knowing the expectations of the Polish customer, we support efficiently our partners - producers in dealing with professional advertising and promoting of commodity or group of articles.

We think that other information referring to the manners and methods of our acting would be also interesting for you.

We have our own warehouse basis which enables not only reception of big container forwarding but also a proper storage acc. to the requirements in this field.

We realize the trading connections by telephone and fax links as well as by e-mail: and Internet.

The distribution of goods on the domestic market is carried on by the means of our own transport basis. This enables regular supplies to our receivers at least once a week and at particular cases in express mode.

Our highly trained marketing staff carries on the sale of promoted preparations and reacts actively to the behavior of the market and developes and stabilizes the sale at the adequate high level with the assistance of additional advertising at well-founded situations.

Our network of receivers covers the whole territory of Poland. All the pharmaceutics wholesale warehouses, which are present at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, are our permanent receivers e.g.:  Slawex, Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna (The Polish Pharmaceutic Group), Farmacol, Prosper, Torfarm etc.

Recapitulating we state that our strategic aim is to broaden the articles from the medical and pharmaceutical group on the Polish market, which may be realized by coming into permanent cooperation with the producers of such goods.

At this stage of making the offer of trading cooperation we tried our best to give the most exact information about the activity and functioning of our company. The reliability of submitted information may be checked easily in the independent sources of information. In case of need, after introductory agreement of the conditions of our future trading cooperation, any further information about our company will be submitted.